Friday, March 22, 2013

NEW Hostess Code.

New Hostess Code........Did you know that you can hold a Workshop or Workshop in a Box*  and when we set up your workshop I can get a special Hostess Code that will be associated with your workshop.  You can send the code to your friends and family and tell them you are having a Workshop.  When they place an online order (either thru my website or the Company's) and put in the hostess code when asked.  The hostess gets the sale credit applied to her workshop and the hostess benefits.  Their friends get the preferred pricing and their items shipped directly to their house.  Wow what can be easier.  Check it out here.  

*What is a Workshop in a Box you might ask.  This is for when a customer is not local but wants to do a workshop for their friends and family.  First you would look in your stamps and find a set you want to use (from the current catalogs only)and Stamp pads colors that you already have.  Then you contact me and say I would like to do a workshop in a box.  I will design a card from your selection (s).  Then I will send you a sample, instruction sheet and the card kits that include everything that you need (except mono adhesive and the stamp set/pads) to make the cards.  You gather the orders and the payments.  Send Order forms back to me and I will place the orders on your show.  Or with our new Hostess code, your friends can each go  my website and place the order using the hostess code, they can do it without worrying about sharing personal information with anyone.  It can be done right at your workshop.  It is easy to shop on my Stampin UP! website.  They will need to set up an sign in and password that will be just for them.  They will get their items delivered to their doorsteps.  The hostess order and any orders I place for you will be sent to you just as if it were a regular workshop.  We close the show when you decide (within 2 weeks of the show date). You (the Hostess) will need to send me your order and rewards so we can get your free stuff). I will keep you updated so you know exactly what you are earning free.
Well, this was not meant to be so long or detailed.  Let me know if you have questions and I can give you a call.  Until next time....Be Kind and do one thing today that makes you happy!

Your Creative Coach
Rose Ann