Friday, June 26, 2015

Sign up and get 2 free stamp sets

  • If you're not interested in investing in the hobby right now then stop reading, thanks for opening the email and watch for the next one with stamping dates.

    Here's a way for you to get over $86 of free product plus 2 free stamp sets. 
    **The free stamp sets come when you join Stampin'UP!
    **Part of the $86 savings comes with the buy-in purchase
        and part with the 2nd purchase.
    don't stop reading here . . . read at least the next paragraph
    Why should you think about joining the company?  Because you can make your relationship with Stampin’UP! into anything you want . . . and you can make it temporary or long term. Do you see yourself in any of these descriptions?
  • Some people join because they plan to run a business and sell product,
  • others join simply as discount buyers. 
  • some buy in to the company and then just collect enough orders from friends and family to stay active.
  • And finally, some people just make that buy-in purchase (because the buy-in purchase is such a good deal) and they never do anything else with it and let their membership drop right away. "One and done" and that’s OK too.
No matter what your reason for joining – there is never an obligation for you to do anything after your initial purchase to join.
Whats so good about the buy-in deal?  How about getting $125 worth of product and paying only $99 with free shipping too! And with the June promotion you’ll get 2 free stamp sets on top of your $125 of other product (the last day for the 2 free stamps sets is June 30th).  You will also get the business supplies along with your catalog product because Stampin’UP! hopes you’ll decide to sell, but like I said before, there is no obligation to do anything after your buy-in purchase . . .  of course there are lots of benefits to staying active.

What are those benefits
  • For starters, a 20% discount on all future purchases as long as you decide to stay active.
  • Second, you’re invited to some great meetings of local demonstrators, its like club meetings with really talented people and you learn tons and make some wonderful new friends, like the folks shown in the beginning of this email. If you're not local you'd get email summaries of all our activities and have the option to participate in trades by mail.
  • We also have a private Facebook group that you'd be part of for even more ideas.
  • And you'd have access through the demo website to tons of ideas shared by demonstrators world wide – trust me you’ll be amazed at the talent that’s out there!
And if you're still reading this admittedly long email, then stay with me for this next part.

Here’s why you should think about it NOW – especially if you’re thinking of investing more in this hobby. People who join in June will get in on an incentive program that’s about to go away.  Not only will you get an automatic 20% discount on all future purchases as long as you’re active, you’ll actually get a 30% discount on your first order if its within 45 days of joining and its at least $150. Of course with the 30% discount you aren’t paying $150, you’re paying only $105; plus, with that size order you’d be getting $15 more in Stampin Rewards. So by joining in June and taking advantage of this second offer too you could end up paying only $204 merchandise total ($99 for the initial purchase and $105 for the 2nd one) and getting $290 worth of product (The $125 + $150 + $15) plus the 2 free stamp sets.  And remember, there is no obligation to do anything after that $99 purchase.

That last paragraph had lots of numbers which I know are hard to read and process. Please contact me with your questions because if you have a long Wish List this is a really good deal and something definitely worth considering. Or call 239-368-9393

Contact me with any questions about joining, or call 239-368-9393. Its a great deal with no obligation. If you have a long Wish List or any "big ticket" items you want then you should think seriously about this offer.
And if you're ready to do it, then make your list of $125 for that initial purchase (remember you're paying only $99 +tax) and CLICK HERE TO JOIN

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